First published: Jul 2, 2014, 3:00pm -0700
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JT + Mayday PAC

This article was originally posted on the now-defunct, for a 2014 funding campaign I was involved in.

Some background:

Hi, I’m JT. I’ve been working closely with Mayday PAC since the very start. I was featured in an article about it! Lessig’s Mayday Super PAC Scales in Google’s Cloud

Surprising some of my own family members, I guess I got involved with political stuff.

Along with a wonderful team of volunteers, I wrote a good portion of the web site source code you’re looking at now (in addition to all these words). I’ve been so involved in helping develop the site that I haven’t really had time to personalize my own explanation of my involvement in this until now. Suffice it to say this is a movement I care a lot about. So please really consider this info I’ve taken time to collect up!

Some stats:

Some stories:

Some blathering:

I’ve deliberately chosen unremarkable stories because it’s easy to confuse this with a specific partisan issue. But no matter which side of the political spectrum you are from, it’s undeniable that there is vast public interest in making the right decision (whatever that might be) regarding:

No matter where you fall on on any of these issues, as a country, the truth is we can’t have a reasonable discussion about any of these until we can talk about them without being warped by money, or even being suspicious of the other positions being warped by money.

If we can’t make the right decision regarding reducing protectionist tax preparation regulation, or regarding whether or not pizza should count as vegetables, why do you think we’ll figure out anything else? Even if you feel like pizza should be allowed willy-nilly in schools, whether or not pizza is a vegetable is not the discussion we should be having.

We have to fix this root issue first.

Some things you can do:

This SuperPAC aims to win elections for congressional candidates who support key campaign finance reform laws. We are fighting fire with fire, and we need all the fire we can get.

Instead of trying to get 80% of all financing from 196 Americans, we’re trying to turn the equation on its head and get small dollar contributions from everyone.

We will use the funding we get now for the 2014 election cycle and to prepare for the 2016 election cycle. We are supporting any candidate that supports any one of these reforms. Due to Citizens United, it may be true that the only way to fix the issue permanently is a constitutional amendment, but we’re taking baby steps to get there. In case you missed it, we raised $1 million in just under 2 weeks right at the very start with no advertising.

Anyway, we need you. If you have $5 to drop on helping actually do something to actually make the government actually represent you again, please let the donation box on this website know.

The time has come to stop feeling complacent and defeatist!

Thanks for anything and everything. If you want to chat or have a question or something, hit me up.


Some more explanation:

Some people who agree:

What’s this about a “kickstart”, a July 4th deadline, or a $5 million target?

We’d love to make our July 4th goal of $5 million, and if you can help pledge to get us there, that would be truly beyond words. Many people have pledged conditional on refunds if we don’t make it to $5 million by that date. You can, too, but you can also donate directly regardless of our “kickstart” campaign.

We’re not stopping on July 4th no matter what happens. So, please help us keep the momentum going!

Some sources: