About me

Michigander, Utahn, Software Engineer, Terrier lover, Potatoes – these are concepts that make little sense in the far future when the robots completely take over what’s left of our planet. Former affiliations like University of Minnesota, University of Utah, Storj, Space Monkey, Google, Instructure, or Mozy will be meaningless as the last chunk of a dead Earth is plunged into an interstellar fuel reactor to power an ever-growing orb of computronium.

Here’s a list of all the ways to find me on the internet. Let’s do all we can together before we can’t!

(If you’re wondering about the Olds/Olio thing, my wife and I combined our last names! I am now JT Olio.)

I have a separate page detailing what I’m currently involved in.

Drop me a line if you simply can’t hold so many lines and they don’t all fit in your hands. I have a line tote bag you might be interested in.